Is having a CHOICE always the best thing?

Driving on a road many years ago there was a sign. “How many humans are aborted” and behind it what seemed like millions of white crosses. That sign struck me in a way that is indescribable. The realization that I could have been seen as one of those crosses.

For my Honors Language Arts class we did a project on an object that represents us. Whether through an idea or through a memory that has been a way to keep us grounded or something that made us lose all control of our small world. Mine was both, it was a small red bracelet that seemed ordinary and on it in bold letters was the word LIFE.

Those four letters represent five years of my short life that I have been fighting something but I’ve been supporting something else. It is a reminder that I have been fighting for the voices, the cries, the screams that have NEVER been heard. The 54 MILLION that have never been heard. Those 9 for every four minutes. Those 1.36 million from my generation. That could have been me. Just another statistic. Just another ONE that could have never been heard.

It could have been YOU. It could have been your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, future or present husbands and wives. It could have been that best friends who got you through that last crisis.

It was almost me. That is why I have chosen to fight and dedicate my life to save the lives that could never be lived. To make sure my life WAS NOT in VAIN. That it hasn’t been WASTED that they can rest knowing I will try to save the others who can still be saved.




Molds are what society is made of.
They want replicas of a certain type of person. They don’t want verity, personality or other things that makes someone original to show.

They want us numb to our surroundings . Not feel emotions. Not paying attention to the fact that our lives are passing by.

When was the last time you sat down looked at how your life is and wonder how did I get here. What am I doing with my life? How about thinking about how our lives are SO different from our forefathers.

Have you ever thought about how weird it is to spend about an average 9 months of your life at red lights. What could have done to change the world in those nine months instead?


So recently I’ve had a question that’s been kind of bugging me so i wanted to ask you all. Do you think that all god fearing religions come from a same god? Because i noticed a lot have one supreme being as ruler over the rest that seem to have similar characteristics. Do you think all have come from the same “supreme god”? Are all religions derived from the same one that began with the first Homo sapiens then evolved over time as different tribes made it their own? Of course I’m saying Homo sapiens for all those who believe in evolution personally I believe in the biblical beginning that God created everything. But isn’t it possible that everything is interconnected? We may not believe in the same exact story but they could come from the same main story

Like scientists discovered that there was a mother language that linked all languages but hasn’t discovered everything about it.

So put your comments below on whatever I’ve said here. All ideas and thoughts unless vulgar or inappropriate are welcomed

Music to my ears?

I just got these new headphones. I had the same type that my mom bought me two or three years ago for Christmas. Well those died from constant use so we went to Target to get a new pair of the same make. But these suck the sound is flat and seems distant then in one ear it’s always falling out:/

what should I do? If you think I should exchange these comment below and suggest a brand I should by


Without music my heart wouldn’t beat. #beat #music #photo #photooftheday #heartbeat #life #coolio #me #love #lalala #lovelife #musicheart #without #importance #feelthebeat #neverforeget

Proving them wrong

I love something. And it’s kind of weird.

I love when people judge you for something else and then you prove them wrong.

I think that’s why I love wearing a leather jacket, dark jeans, faux-hawks, and lots o eyeliner. The teachers look at me like I’m a trouble maker like I’m gonna have to be watched and like I’m going to be really stupid.

That’s when I prove them wrong. That’s when I excel in school and I’m really nice and I’ve never had a detention or suspension or an expulsion or a referral or a citation. I love proving them wrong.

But the one thing I haven’t been able to prove wrong is that I’m an outsider. It’s true. Kids at school don’t really think highly of me. I’m an outcast. I don’t mind though I have friends that care for me and would always stay by my side.

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Banana muffins and school

I made banana muffins. AND THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!! Sorry just had to tell the world!

So school’s been interesting. I’ve had a lot of work to do this past week. I now have a three day weekend!!!! I can’t wait to catch up on a few weeks of little sleep. And I’ve bumped up my grades from 2 B’s and the rest A’s to now 1 B and the rest not less than 95%. I’m so happy:)